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Here is my latest work! This is a design for Evian, which was done as a school project. The idea was to come up with a water bottle for Evian, that was flavoured. I chose to name mine Rhone; a large river next to the Evian-les-Bains glacier. In keeping with the French imported tradition on Evian, my water combines the idea of imported with local sustainability. Rhone is imported from France (unbottled) then brewed and distributed locally, with the flavour depending on in-season regional fruits and vegetables. The bottling is done in your region by local workers, with the help of local farmers, teaming up with Evian. This brings down the use of energy to import the water from France, by transporting unbottled in very large quantities. My favourite thing about this idea, is getting fresh flavoured water, that has no sugar added. For example the Ontario flavour is cucumber and apple. Using fresh apple and cucumber juice and pulp, Rhone is tasty and fresh. Because there really isn’t anything better than in season fruits and vegetables that travel a maximum of 100 mile. Rhone could be very influential in the 100 mile diet.  This project is entirely a mock-up, but I enjoyed doing this so much! I am so happy with the results of my water bottle and feel proud of the concept and design.

Bottles-Illustrative mock up


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2 Responses to Rhone

  1. Jill says:

    Steph, your design looks AMAZING! Great work.

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