Happy Design

If you’re looking for interesting, inspiring and fascinating ideas, and you haven’t already been, TED talks is the perfect place for you! TED talks is a website with the tagline….Ideas Worth Sharing.


It is full of thousands of lectures from speakers all over the world covering almost every topic there is, and then some. I’ve come into contact with many lectures from people who really know how to speak and convey a message. One of my recent favourites is one called “Stefan Sagmeister shares happy design.” In this TED talk, Stefan expresses his life and experiences of being a graphic designer and how he has been inspired in his work. One of my favourite things about the talk, is his lists. Stefan makes two lists in this talk, one of them being the top most defining and memorable moments in his life. He speaks of how design and happy moments have often been intertwined events in his life. He regales the audience with funny anecdotes on these particular incidents (*please watch) because they are beautifully delivered, delightful and funny. His second list is from a diary he keeps of important lessons he has learned from himself through experience. He uses these lists to create sculpture/installations that are ultimately photographed and inserted into magazines or as billboards. For example…one being “Everything I do always comes back to me,” and “trying to look good limits my life.” (haha). So after watching this talk, and be inspired by Stefan himself, I made myself a few quick versions of my life lessons, or really, things that make me happy, uncomplicated things that make me happy. I have to say I am also using this idea from a few friends of mine. One being a girl name Brie, who uses her facebook to diligently post a wonderful pieces of work she finds, one that often combine art or photographs with words to convey an idea/feeling/thought. There is something so great about the RIGHT combination of text and visual that gets me going. Another friend of mine, Jill, also does this through facebook. Her posts are not solely on text/visual, but often include those. Jill also posts things that she thinks are beautiful/interesting/fun/thoughtful. I love to peruse both of these women’s collections. They always make me laugh out loud, smile or think for a minute. Here are a few of my own examples from my own photographs on my travels; of things that make me happy and happy design. Enjoy!

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