Cidar, anyone?

For all the cidar drinkers out there, here is a new and delicious cidar, brewed specially by a friend of mine (Jared James) with some apple crushing help from his friends. I have always loved labels on just about anything, but especially of beer, wine and liquor. I have to admit that I often buy the aforementioned beverages based on….the label! I understand the sentiments of “don’t judge a book by it’s cover,” however, I really don’t believe in it! I have this idea that if the wine or beer maker has any taste in their own right, they will have the taste and vision to have someone with style create their label to complement their great taste! In my mind, our aesthetics and design choices reach far and wide across everything we lay eyes on. From the way we dress, to how we decorate our surroundings, to even the way we dress our sandwiches! It’s all the same to me! And I think it’s up to all of us, who care about the beauty of the world, to make choices that inspire creativity and ingenuity. Cheers!

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